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Dear Santa, Please Bring Me a We-Vibe Tango

Takeaway:Ever since owning this vibrator, I’ve failed to find another one that can match up, which is exactly why this little toy makes such a great gift.

This is part of our”Dear Santa”blog series, where some of the Web’s top sex toy reviewers are picking out their favorite, most gift-worthy toys this year. So go ahead and stuff someone’s stocking with something nice, will ya? ‘Tis the season for sexy fun! Here’ Crotchless Tights with her top gift pick. You can read her full review of this toyhere.

WheneverI’maskedtorecommendasextoy, myfirstthoughtisalwaystheWe-VibeTango. It’sanexternalvibratorthatpacksthemostserious (andseriouslyamazing) punchthatI’veeverencounteredinavibrator – oratleastonewithoutacord.

Whenreviewerstalkaboutvibrators, andthetypeofvibrationsspecifically, wetendtorankthemonaspectrumbyvibrationtype. “Buzzy” meansthatthevibrationsseemtoonlybefeltonthesurfaceoftheskin. Thesecanfeelitchytosomeathighspeeds, andgenerallyarenotthoughtofaspowerhousevibes. Attheotherendofthespectrumare “rumbly,” ordeep/penetratingvibrations. Thesearetheonesthatreallyextendfarbeyondthesurfaceoftheskin. Deep, rumblyvibrationsarereallygreatforthosewithaless-sensitiveclitoris. Plus, thepenetratingvibrationswillstimulatetheinternal clitorisas well. Most vibrators on the market will fall into the buzzy end of the spectrum, or somewhere in the middle. To find these rumbling, penetrating vibrations is a thing of beauty.

I used to prefer theWe-Vibe Tango’ssister vibe, theWe-VibeSalsa. It was sadly discontinued last year. Salsa had a bullet-point tip and more gender-neutral colors. Tango has a slanted “lipstick” shape tip and more femme colors. Both are the same size, made of ABS plastic, and house the exact same motor. 6 Things To Know Before You Try Anal SexThe good news: Tango packs the exact same punch as my beloved Salsa (says the woman who owns three of each).


Another bonus:The Tangois extremely versatile. Any sex toy on the market that uses the Rocks-Off RO80mm bullet vibe will accommodate the Tango fairly well. All of Tantus’ vibrating sex toys will work with the Tango as an amped-up bullet replacer. And Tango is a star when added to a strap-on harness that has a pocket for a bullet vibe. The powerfully deep vibrations transmit through dense silicone much better than the buzzy babes.

When I first wrote the review, I thought that the Tango was a bit overpriced for just being hard plastic. I’ve come to realize that the type and intensity of vibrations this toy creates are so rare that the price is worth it. It’s great for the clitoris, but I’ve also heard that it’s great for every person who enjoys vibrations. It’s awesome for foreplay, during sex, or just by yourself.

In Durex Condoms , it’s pretty much perfect in my eyes. Ever since owning it, I’ve failed to find a vibrator that can match up.

Tango also has four different intensity levels and four different pattern settings. If you don’t need a super-powered vibrator, just keep it on the low setting. The charge time is pretty rapid (90 minutes) and it’s so small that you can easily travel with it.

I’ve owned hundreds of sex toys, but if I were forced to get rid of my entire collection, theWe-VibeTango would absolutely serve as my only vibrator and it would keep me happy. Actually, that’s already the case, except by choice. I have piles of sex toys in cabinets, but myWe-VibeTango(& Salsa) collection sees 99 percent of my sex toy action. If you knew just how picky my clitoris is, you’d realize what a glowing review that statement is all on its own!

While theTangomight be a little overbearing to someone who has (mostly happily) never owned a vibrator, it is a blessing to those who can experience difficulty coming to orgasm by fingers or tongues alone. When buying a sex toy as a gift, always know your audience. The portion of the population who consider their clitoris to be sensitive would not love this vibrator, but I feel pretty good assuming that everybody else will adore it like I do. (Get Clit Bondage -giving tips inThe Ultimate Guide to Buying Sex Toys for Other People.)

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